The Foundation's office

The Foundation's office: 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 22. Phone: +36 1 445 1548. E-mail:

In summer 2012, the Foundation moved into a new office in the House of Dialogue (Párbeszéd Háza) established by the Society of Jesus.
Our address is: 1085 Budapest, Horánszky u. 22.
Phone: +361/445-1548.


The new environment provides new inspiration. The area limited by the surrounding streets used to be called Little Vatican as several churches, convents, religious schools, publishing companies and other Catholic organizations had their seats there, close to each other. Several of them have now moved back to their original location. The beautiful buildings of the Palace District endow the quarter with a special and unique atmosphere.

The primary task of our office is to promote the attainment of the Foundation's objectives. Therefore, we are involved in organizing commemorations, conferences and exhibitions. We carry out professional tasks related to the process of canonization of Cardinal Mindszenty and we provide the necessary funds for the process from the donations of the faithful. We receive, archive and, if needed, forward to the authority concerned the reports of favours received through his intercession. Thrice in a year we publish our review entitled Vértanúink-Hitvallóink (Our Martyrs and Confessors), in which we report news of ongoing Hungarian canonization processes. Subscription to the review is free and can be taken out in our office (Mon-Fri, 8 am - 4 pm) or by contacting us at our addresses or phone number indicated above. The Foundation is responsible for administering Cardinal Mindszenty's post-1956 inheritance of documents, photos and objects. Due to the restructuring of our archives the research service is temporarily suspended.

Through our newsletter, we provide information about important programmes and events to those interested.
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Anyone can share and join the objectives of our Foundation. We are not involved in business activities and we finance the work of the office and the implementation of the Foundation's diverse tasks exclusively from donations, grants and foundation funds. If you wish to support our activity, you can make donations in one of the following ways:

  • by bank transfer to one of the following accounts:
    11991102-02139889-00000000 (HUF) 

  • IBAN HU58 1199 1102 0213 9889 0000 0000

  • by payment using postal order, which you can find in our office or in our review entitled Vértanúink-Hitvallóink (Our Martyrs and Confessors), distributed in churches free.