Blessed (Saint) Maurus of Pécs

Official memorial: 25 October

He was the first Hungarian Benedictine monk. He was born around the year 1000. He was educated in the Benedictine abbey of Pannonhalma from early childhood. When he entered the order, he received the name Maurus (Mór). He became an abbot at the age of thirty. In around 1030, King Saint Stephen and his son Saint Emeric visited the abbey. A couple of years later the king appointed him bishop of the diocese of Pécs.

Bishop Maurus survived the pagan uprising of 1046, in which several bishops died, including Saint Gerard Sagredo. Maurus and two other surviving bishops celebrated the coronation of the new king, Andrew I in Székesfehérvár, at the end of 1046. He was one of the signatories of the deed of foundation of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany in 1055. He is also the first Hungarian author, who wrote the biography of Benedict and Andrew-Zorard, two holy hermits from the region of Nitra. He died around 1070, probably in Pécs.

Bishop Maurus appears in the legend of Saint Emeric; 15th-century missals sing his praises, and his name is also recorded among the saints in various martyrologies . Based on the continuous tradition of Maurus's local veneration since his death, his cult was confirmed by Pope Pius IX's bull of 4 August 1848, at the request of bishop of Pécs János Scitovszky.

Pope Pius XI declared him co-patron of the diocese of Pécs on 4 December 1925.