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Devictus vincit



May God and the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who hath Himself of the Episcopate, bedew thee with chrism and with the liquor of mystic ointment, and make thee fruitful with the richness † of spiritual benediction.


(Part of the rite of episcopal ordination)

"I am standing here with my character formed through half a century, with solid education and firm principles. Such education and principles are as much part of a man's life as the rails are fixed on the ground. These rails bear and explain many things.

I give thanks to God for not having lost my good intentions in the course of my life.

After the collapse following World War II, I had to assume a difficult historical task – that of proclaiming the uniting light and charity of the Gospel.

This morning the following prayer came to my lips: Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris, in diebus istis! – Lord, grant us peace in these days! Interestingly enough, this ancient prayer does not refer to the nearer or more distant future but it says: in these days. I have implored this peace for my Church, whose love I have also brought here. This is the peace I have implored for the Hungarian State, which I have obeyed, and this is the peace I ask for my soul." (From József Mindszenty's last words at the show trial)

"Many lies are told in this world but the dead do not lie. With crystal clarity, they point out: May you live, as individuals, families and a nation, according to what we believed in because we were saved due to God's mercy." (József Mindszenty)

"The ideal of freedom can never become obsolete since it is inherent to human nature by God's will." (József Mindszenty)

"Whatever has happened – difficulties, unlawful actions and injustice –, let us not bear vengefulness and desperation in our hearts. Let us destroy the walls with prayer and patience." (József Mindszenty)

Devictus vincit


„Mindszenty is Hungary and Hungary is Mindszenty.”
(Mindszenty Magyarország,
Magyarország Mindszenty,
wrote the Archbishop of San Francisco)